Oldest Hookers in the World Retire

It's been awhile since I've posted a story that's made me both laugh and throw up in my mouth at the same time. The staggering numbers alone in this story will make your head spin not to mention the image of two twin 70yr. old prostitutes hooking on the street corner. Yep, there's that dry heave.
If you're ever wondering the streets of Amsterdam keep an eye out for these two vixens, they're not hard to miss. Twin prostitutes Louise and Martine Fokkens are finally calling it quits after 50 years of $5 blowjobs. The 70yr. old sisters have been hanging out on street corners enticing clients since their early 20's but have decided that old age is getting in the way. Between the two of them they estimate that they've slept with up to 355,000 men during the elustrious careers, averaging out to about 10 men a day and 175,000 men apiece. That's a lot of lube!! More impressive is the fact that both women worked full both despite the fact they had kids at home. Louise is the mother of three but has had to retire earlier than planned due to bad arthritis. She claims that it makes certain sex act painful to perform. Her handjobs aren't like they used to be back in the 1940s. Martine is the mother of 4 and still hits the corner everyday trying to attract new clients. She says her client base has dwindled over the years but still has one loyal customer, an old man who pays for sado-maschism sessions each week. If she were to quit where would that old pervert go to have his junk knocked around? Martine says that she doesn't have any kind of pension to fall back on so her only means of income is to hit the streets and find men willing to sleep with her.
Last year the Fokkens sisters were the subject of a documentary entitled "Meet the Fokkens" and it covered the trials and tribulations that go along with being a geriatric hooker. You can't make this shit up!!
The Stir has the story and trailer for the documentary

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