2 Assholes Talking Music #79

Tonight we have a few guests in the studio including friend of the show Bradley O. and our guest of honor Justin Lebreck!! Justin is the owner and operator of Waysound Studio in Fox River Grove, IL and the newest member of Modern Day Romeos. Justin has been involved in music and recording since he ran a studio out of his parents basement in high school. Since then he's moved into his own space and records everything from classical music to hip hop. Not to mention he's now part of one of the biggest bands in the Chicago land area. Justin was nice enough to stop by for some Q&A, taste test the new Megadeth beer, and play a round of "Guess That Video" featuring only the most offensive comments YouTube has to offer. We even made him sit through what might be the worst WTF band, Bum Sick, we've featured to date. Seriously, you have to hear this "shit" to believe it. You'll know why I put that in quotes once you hear it. I can't really put into words. We also feature a few bands that have recorded over at Waysound Studio with Justin at the helm. We didn't let the torrential down pour of rain stop us from bringing you more pirate radio so turn it up loud and enjoy!! Thanks again to Justin and Brad for hanging out and crushing some beer cans with us.  

Brand New Episode

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