2 Assholes Talking Music #96

We're celebrating our 7th birthday tonight with some great local brew from Scorched Earth and ripping the week in music news!! We'll be off the next couple of weeks so we decided to just keep it simple. Lots to cover this week like the death of Aretha Franklin, elderly men escaping to Walken Open Air Festival, Rihanna being named Most Influencial Artist of the 21st century, Roger Daltry on the state of rap, Conan nixes musical guests, and more! We feature some music from our friends in Thy Antichrist, play White Boy Theater, and close it out with Jim on the turntables laying it down. We finally got on Instagram and Spotify so check that out too. Cheers!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #95 w/ Wings of Severance

Tonight we'red joined by local heavy hitters Wings Of Severance ahead of their headlining show at KC's Cabin. We've been wanting to get these guys on the show for sometime and it was worth the wait. We had a blast with the boys drinking cheap beer, talking shop, and they even agreed to a round of Guess That Video. They weren't half bad either. We also feature some music from their latest release, Welcome to the Afterlife. Make sure you pick up a copy of the album on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Google Play and grab some gear over at wingsofseverance.com
We want to thank all the guys again for hanging out and putting up with our shit for a few hours and helping us drink all the beer. From what I remember it was a great time!!

A.J. Cappellano - Guitar/Vox

Ian Borchers - Bass/Vox

Sean Borchers - Guitar

Phil Feinstein - Drums


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2 Assholes Talking Music #94

No guests this week so it's just the two of us drinking beer and roasting the week in music news. This week we cover whether or not Jayden Smith did something cool, Chris Brown arrested for beating up another person that's not Rhianna, Chance the rapper is the real MVP, Drake sampling cutting room floor tracks from Thriller, the death of Joe Jackson, the death of Vinnie Paul, more Dio hologram bullshit, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson covering The Beatles, Guns N' Roses cracking the one billion view mark on YouTube, and more douche baggery from Ted Nugent. Our game for tonight is TWEET OR TWIT and we close it out with more sounds from Meat Wave. We just can't get enough of this band. 

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2 Assholes Talking Music #93

We're back again roasting the week in the music news and celebrating local craft brews!! This week we cover the murder of XXXtentacion, the death of Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Lemmy's final film appearance, Lisa Marie Presley losing all of her inheritance, new music from Gorillaz ft. Snoop Dog, and Trent Reznor's take on Taylor Swift and Kanye. Our game tonight is Fake Or Real featuring bands from the 2018 Hellfest and Jim closes it out on the tables with a smooth deep house mix. Shout out to Three Floyds Brewing, our local(regional) beer for the night. Track list for Jim's mix below....

Luyo feat. Rescue Poetix – Breath (Original Mix)
Daniel Delmar feat. Katie Quinton – Follow The Sun (Luyo Apollo Edit)
Ferrari & Bergamasco feat. Marc Evans – Josephine
Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston – Fly To New York (Tom Middleton Remix)
Natasha Watts – Go Slow (Mark Di Meo Remix)
Spiritchaser – Coral (Original Mix)
Vittorio Santorelli feat. Karla Brown – People (Kelvin Sylvester & Luyo Remix)

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2 Assholes Talking Music #92

No guests tonight just a normal good fashion show roasting the week in music news and drinking too many beers courtesy of local legends Goose Island!! Lots of stuff to cover tonight like NOFX getting kicked out of their own festival and losing their beer sponsorship, Spotify altering their "hateful content" guidelines, the death of the guitar player from Anal Cunt, Marilyn Manson peed on Korn, Miley Cyrus donates her pee to The Flaming Lips, Jack White jams at a high school, new music from Les Claypool, and the new Puhsa T album cover. Got a great new WTF Band courtesy of Louis Cole from Knower and another round of the whitest game show in town, White Boy Theater!! A big shout out to our sponsor tonight, Somers Family MustKetch. A brand new condiment that tastes like it's spelled, mustard and ketchup in one bottle. Order yours now on Amazon. 

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2 Assholes Talking Music #91

Tonight our guest is the founder and lead singer of the band Elephant Gun, the one and only Jared Olson!! Along side of him is good friend of the show and former member of Elephant Gun, Paul Chivari!! We all sat down and had a few beers and talked about the new Elephant Gun album, Eat The House, available now on all streaming services, played some tunes, and promoted the upcoming show at Catapult Records. We asked some dumb questions in between and even snuck in Guess That Video before we closed it all out. Big shout out to our local beer for the night, 2 Brothers, out of Warrenville, IL. and the rest of the crew from Elephant Gun that couldn't make it out. 


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2 Assholes Talking Music #90

We had a whole show planned out for tonight but it all kinda got shot to hell. Instead of cracking some beers and roasting the week in music news we deiced to flip the script a bit and crack some beers and rant about a few things that have been bugging us. Mainly, the positives and negatives of social media, people attacking the kids from the school shooting in Parkland, FL and a few other random things. We had a great WTF Band lined up tonight and everything but since things jumped the rails a little bit the majority of the show is us getting drunk and ranting. It's not as bad as it sounds. Or is it?

However, we did manage to wrangle things at the end and pull out a game of TWEET or TWIT and feature a great band, KNOWER. Typically, we've been featuring local music but since we distracted ourselves we changed gears for the evening. We promise that we have lots of great local music scheduled for upcoming shows. Our background music for the evening is a cut off the Chill-hop Essentials Spring 2018 compilation titled, "Otesla". Plus, a shout out to our local brew for the night Tight Head out Mundelin, IL. Very tasty and strong ales that helped fuel our rants for the night.

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2 Assholes Talking Music #89

We're back in the studio tonight after our backstage interview with members of Thy Antichrist after their sold out Chicago show the other weekend. Per usual, the beers are flowing, courtesy of local brewery Scorched Earth, and the music news is ready to be shredded. This week on we got Tommy Lee Twitter beefing with his son, Jeffery Nothing leaves Mushroomhead, the Fyre Festival founder goes down in flames, Migos being sued by their own fans, the underground rave scene in London is back, Liam Gallagher still sucks, the Justin Bieber bomber is sentenced, Fergie's rendition of the National Anthem strikes all the wrong chords, Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard and his new band, and more. We dig into our bag of tricks for another WTF Band and this time is comes to us from the Porno Grind genre. Yes, it sounds like you'd expect. Another round of Fake or Real featuring bands from the last ever VANS Warped Tour. We close out the show with some killer local music from Meat Wave who recently kicked off their spring tour in Chicago this past weekend. Seriously, if you don't know about this band get on top of that. Big thanks to our local beer tonight, Hickster, from Algonquin, IL's very own Scorched Earth Brewing and our sponsor relobase.com. Things get a little, well, drunk I think would be the best way to describe but I know you've come to expect that at this point. Play it loud and proud, it's another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #88 w/ THY ANTICHRIST

We were able to catch up w/ founder and frontman of Thy Antichrist, Andres"Thy Antichrist 666" Vargas, after their set @ Reggie's in Chicago March 4th. We were a bit unprepared as it all started as just chatting then Andres agreeing to a short interview. It was freezing cold outside and don't mind the El train and the Dark Funeral set in the background. Big thanks again to Andres for talking with us for a few minutes. Also, thank you to Scott "The Wicked One" Eames and Robert "Abyssus" Coronado for talking with us in the noisy ass stairwell. Sorry about the audio quality, jazz night was rippin' next door. You can see that interview on the 2 Assholes Talking Music facebook page and video of Andres' interview is available on YouTube. Cuernos Arriba!!!!!

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