2 Assholes Talking Music #103

Tonight we have a very special guest, Jim's brother and all around bad ass American Capt. Jack Somers!!! We sit down for a few beers and roast the week in music news and get all the details on what Jack is doing to help veterans across the country with his multiple business ventures. From helping relocate families when military spouses have to move and helping small business veterans get their companies up and running. Dude can do it all!! I'm surprised we even got through this show. Waaaay too many beers and laughs were hard, such a great night catching up and talking shit. Our game for tonight is Fake or Real featuring bands from the upcoming Lollapalooza festival this summer. Big thanks again to Jack for taking time out on his trip home to screw around with Jim and me. Cheers!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #102

We switched gears tonight and decided that instead of music we'd talk a little Hollywood. We had the pleasure to spend some time with an old friend and actress, Kelsey Collins Keener!! She gave us an inside look on what it takes to make it in L.A., her time on Arrested Development, her upcoming movie "Paradise Cove", and I can't really remember what else because we might have drank too much. Thank again to Kelsey for putting up with our shit for a few hours. The 2 Assholes wish her nothing but success and good health in the future. Cheers!!  

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2 Assholes Talking Music #101 w/ Mungion

This past weekend we snuck in back stage and had a quick chat with the boys from Mungion!! They were nice enough to take a few minutes before going on stage and putting on one of the best shows I've seen in recent memory. Seriously, they blew the ass off that place!!
Joe Re and Sean Carolan join us for the first half and Matt Kellen and Justin Reckamp jump in a little later. We talk about the new album Ferris Wheel's Day Off, the story behind the song Basketball, Sean's all-time all power forward starting 5, local beers, and more. We even talked them in to a round White Boy Theater before they split. Big thanks and much love to the entire Mungion crew for having us out and for the insane show. Cheers!!

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Mellow Gravy

Just put the headphones on and let it ride out. Some super chill sounds that will allow your mind to melt into your body.


"Portrait of Emily" - Vision Project

"Nocturne" - Ancient Aliens

"Manitoba Skies" - Fox Who Slept The Day Away

"Flashback" - Whirr

"Hunt" - Goose

"Walkabout" - Atlas Sound w/ Noah Lennox

"A Dub For Mali" - Afrolicious

"Afternoon" - Baxter Dury

"Trellic" - Baxter Dury

"Wes Anderson" - Misc

"These Days" - Nico

"Cymbaline" - Pink Floyd

"Quicksilver" - Pink Floyd

"Eleven Minutes to Prepare" - Reanimator

"I Feel Good Today" - Reanimator

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2 Assholes Talking Music #100 w/ STARKILL

For our 100th episode tonight we're joined by our friends in STARKILL!!! Parker, Sarah, and Shaun stopped by to talk about their new album, GRAVITY, which is available for pre-order NOW. We get into all details about that, the upcoming North American tour, they teach us how to growl, we talk video games, and a bunch of other stuff. We wrapped it up with a round of Guess That Video and a sneak peek at a brand new track off the new album. Oh and there was alcohol involved. I feel like at this point that goes without saying. That and so much more tonight on a brand new episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music. Big thanks and much love again to Starkill for taking time out of their hectic schedule to chat with us. We love you guys and hope nothing but the best with this new album. Cheers!!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #99

Another low key show tonight as we close in on our big 100th episode blow out. More details to follow on that one. Tonight we're just crushing cans and roasting the week in music news. Stories include the elaborate hoax of Threatin', own a piece of Dead's head, the best band break up ever, fans having sex at a Machine Head concert, some metal Christmas music, and more. Our WTF Band for tonight is an obscure '70s era gem for the diehard kazzo fans out there. We close it out with a do not miss round of Fake or Real.

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2 Assholes Talking Music #98

Just Jim and Ryan in the studio tonight, keeping things low key while we gear up for our 100th episode and nurse the hangover from ep.#97 w/ Starkill. Tonight we're drinking cheap beer and ripping the week in music news. On the docket for evening is Iron Maiden telling the Rock Hall of Fame to piss off, new line of beer from Opeth, an actual scientific study on people who listen to death metal, the new Slipknot single, the story behind Pearl Jam's "Jeremy", Maroon 5 is picked for the Super Bowl halftime show, the Ja Rule/50 Cent beef continues and more. A new WTF Band with a bit of a political slant, if you will and we close it out with a round of White Boy Theater. 

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Halloween Gravy #7


"Cattle Grid" - Jak Tripper

"Halloween" - John Carpenter

"March Into Oblivion" - Vomitory

"Seance" - The Usual Suspects

"Freddie Cruger" - Cruger

"Funeralopolis" - Electric Wizard


"Vision Quest" - Jak Tripper


"Dead Skin Mask" - Slayer


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2 Assholes Talking Music #97 w/ STARKILL

We've been trying for months and we finally convinced STARKILL to join us in the lab for a night of debauchery!! Parker, Tony, Shaun, and Sarah stopped by for some Q&A, lots of drinking, and some Halloween themed games. We covered everything from the asshatery of sound scans to the new album to Parker's high school ska band and how each member made their way into the band. Well, there's a lot of stuff in between so don't miss a second of what the reviews are already calling the most talked about podcast of 2018. Not sure if that's true but we're going with it.

We treated the band to some Halloween trivia and a round of FAKE OR REAL: The Horror Movie Edition and feature some music off their the upcoming album. The 2 Assholes want to thank everyone, including friend of the show, producer Matt Nitz, for stopping by and spending some time with us and letting us make everyone uncomfortable for a few hours. Keep an eye out for the new STARKILL album and in the meantime go out and celebrate their back catalogue because it will blow your socks off. Oh and we can't forget about Spencer, aka Spen-Goolie. He wasn't able to make the show but he was with us in spirit. Cheers and enjoy the show!!!

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