2 Assholes Talking Music #81

Our special guest tonight is J.B. Bartlett from Chicago's patrons of groove, Waxworks!! J.B. was nice enough to stop by the lab to talk about everything from the upcoming album to Game of Thrones. No spoilers. It's hard to put a finger on Waxworks considering the rotating line-up of talented players. One night they might have a horn section and one night they might have someone on keys. The one constant that remains is their incredible sound be it Julian's thunderous percussions or Frank's amazing voice. We feature a few tracks tonight from their 'Lost At Sea' EP while we await the release of their upcoming full length album. We pepper J.B. with a little of the ol' Q&A and a game of Fake or Real. Big thanks again to J.B. for hanging out with us and fucking around for a little bit. 

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2 Assholes Talking Music #80

We're joined by Chicago jam band Bodhicitta for some beers tonight!! Bodhicitta is the perfect example of what happens when four guys pick up their instruments and can all be on the same page. It's the in the pocket jams from a budding band that will hopefully be making noise on the scene for years to come. The guys stopped by the garage for a little bit to talk shop, do some beer tasting, cover the news, and play White Boy Theater. Turns out Ken is really good at it. If you're in and around the Chicago land area keep an ear out for these dudes. This is a live show you want to see. Big thanks to Kyle, Ryan, Alex, & Ken for hanging out and putting up with your shit for a few hours. It's always fun to have a good time with good people.
Check out bohicittamusic.com for more info and upcoming shows or find them on Facebook to see all their wonderful faces! 

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2 Assholes Talking Music #79

Tonight we have a few guests in the studio including friend of the show Bradley O. and our guest of honor Justin Lebreck!! Justin is the owner and operator of Waysound Studio in Fox River Grove, IL and the newest member of Modern Day Romeos. Justin has been involved in music and recording since he ran a studio out of his parents basement in high school. Since then he's moved into his own space and records everything from classical music to hip hop. Not to mention he's now part of one of the biggest bands in the Chicago land area. Justin was nice enough to stop by for some Q&A, taste test the new Megadeth beer, and play a round of "Guess That Video" featuring only the most offensive comments YouTube has to offer. We even made him sit through what might be the worst WTF band, Bum Sick, we've featured to date. Seriously, you have to hear this "shit" to believe it. You'll know why I put that in quotes once you hear it. I can't really put into words. We also feature a few bands that have recorded over at Waysound Studio with Justin at the helm. We didn't let the torrential down pour of rain stop us from bringing you more pirate radio so turn it up loud and enjoy!! Thanks again to Justin and Brad for hanging out and crushing some beer cans with us.  

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2 Assholes Talking Music #78 w/ Nevalra

Unfortunately, we ran into some technical difficulties that weren't discovered until after the fact so bare with us as the sound quality is not top tier. Nevalra stopped by the lab while laying waste to the Midwest on the their Slash the Summer tour. After I introduced the boys to a Chicago delicacy, Italian beefs, we sat down to talk about everything from conspiracy theories, worst on stage moves, ryder sheets, their least favorite genre of metal, girlfriends on the road, and a lot more. As always we have to play a game so the boys took a crack at "Tweet or Twit" with the loser having to walk to the gig. Even if you're not a fan of of black metal or extreme metal this interview hits on all points and has something for everyone. Nevalra is one of the hardest working bands I've ever had the pleasure to meet and call my friends. The amount of work and dedication these guys put into their craft is unrivaled. I'm saying it right now, in another year Nevalra will be one of the biggest names in metal and they most certainly deserve it. Check out nevalra.com for all things satan and links to their social media accounts. It always a trip when these dudes stop in town and this time isn't any different. Tune in and support pirate radio!!!

Nevalra Official Site

Nicki Rose "Electric Warrior"

Hold on to the top of your head because Nicki Rose is about to blow it off. Matter of fact, just hide completely because no one is safe when Nicki goes into shred mode.


Star Wars lightsaber battle but every lightsaber sound replaced w/ Owen Wilson saying "Wow!" This is way the internet is invented.

Drugs Are Bad, Mmmmkay

Why people still smoke salvia is beyond me. Go buy some real drugs for fucks sake!!


2 Assholes Talking Music #77

Just Ryan & Jim in the studio this week but no worries we'll be back in July and August with all kinds of musical guests and great interviews. This week we cover Chris Cornell's autopsy, Nickelback hates Stone Sour, Hanson calls Bieber chylamidia of the ear, Gene Simmons is still a dick, West Texas University class on metal lyrics. the Waken Open Air Festival beer pipeline, a guy busted at Bonaroo for selling an obscene amount of fake drugs, Pop star ryder sheets, a new YouTube artist who has 40 million views and 3 million dislikes on a month old video, and we close out the news with a quiz to find out which boy band personality we are. For our game tonight it's "Fake or Real" featuring bands from the Waken Open Air Festival in Germany this August. We close out the show with some killer new music from England's very own Rag n Bone Man. This dude is blowing up right now!! Grab yourself a cold beer and pump up the volume, it's time for more pirate radio for the 2 Assholes!!!

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