Deep House Gravy

Jim from the 2 Assholes Talking Music Podcast put together an incredible groovy deep house mix over the weekend. When Jim gets in the lab he always puts out some pure fire. It's a spotlight mix of Spiritchaser and Richard Earnshaw.

Tony Vass – "Fly Me Higher" (Earnshaw & Jones Radio Remode)
Spiritchaser – "I Have Seen" (Club Mix)
Spiritchaser – "Taiga" (Original Mix)
Mr. Moon feat. Desy – "Gonna Give You" (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Richard Earnshaw feat. Polina Griffith – "Can’t Go Back" (Classic Vocal Mix)
Spiritchaser – "Blue Skies" (Original Mix)
Spiritchaser – "Ride" (Original Mix)
Ross Couch – "Last One Home" (Spiritchaser Remix)
Husky – "Break Free" feat. Fourfeet (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Spiritchaser – "Yesterday’s Gone" (Tomorrow’s Dub)
Spiritchaser – "Ride" (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Cartier Fraser – "Love That You Need" (HK Beach House Edit)(Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Ayce DJ & Karlito feat. Paul Lee – "Havana" (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix)
Tony Momrelle – "Back Together Again" feat. Chantae Cann (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix)
Spiritchaser – "Not Far" (Original Mix)
One51 – "Elevate" (Earnshaw’s House Mix)
Richard Earnshaw pres. Modified People – "We Are" (Original Mix)
Tony Momrelle – "Spotlight" (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix)
Allovers feat. Elliot Champman – "Psychedelic Love" (Earnshaw & Hayes Remix)
Ernst Schoemaker – "Lost In Time" (Spiritchaser Shifting Dub)

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CALL 911!!!!!

DO NOT Steal From This Store

Dude picked the wrong store to steal from....

Master of Puppets Acoustic Beatbox

Chicago native son Jaik Willis is doing some really cool things with just his voice and an acoustic guitar. Jaik isn't your typical singer/songwriter, that's far too boring. Jaik takes things to a next level as you can see in the video below with his beatbox version of Metallica's "Master of Puppets"

Jian Yang v/s Erlich Bachman

Probably my favorite duo on TV right now. No one can make a prank phone better than Silicon Valley's very own Jian Yang.


2 Assholes Talking Music #75

A little short on stories this week due to back to back shows but we're here to roast the week in music news and crush some beers. Lots of news to cover this week and we also debut a new game, Tweet or Twit. Stories inclube Mickey Free confirming the Prince/Charlie Murphy True Hollywood story, son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujullo joins Korn, Scott Stap can see dead rock stars in his mirror, a shrimp named after Pink Floyd, Brittney is leaving Vegas, Paul Oakenfold plays on top of Mt. Everest, and more. Since we're short on news this week we decided to double on the games and also debut a new one as well. Start it off with White Boy Theater followed up by Tweet or Twit. A new game where Jim has to guess if the offensive tweets Ryan is reading are fake or real. We close out the show with some killer sounds from Arizona's very own, Spafford!! Our buddies Mungion are supporting them on the road now so we figured what better time to show some love for an incredible band that will melt most part of your body clean off. Thanks for listening and keep on supporting pirate radio!!!!

*Download this episode HERE*

Spafford "The Reprise" Live @ Fox Theater in Boulder, CO

Our featured artist this week on the 2 Assholes Talking Music podcast is the Arizona funky jam band, Spafford!! Hopefully in the future we'll be able to get these guys on for an interview because not only is their music out of this world but they are without a doubt blowing up the jam scene. Check out the links below the video for all things Spafford.

Official Site

1000Mods "Electric Carve"

Taken from their new album "Repeated Exposure To...."

Joe Pera "The Pancake Breakfast Critic"

Joe Pera is a national treasure and should be treated as such. That's all I'm going to say about that.