Local Gravy #1

A new feature to the Don't Eat the Gravy Podcast...Local Gravy! The debut episode is actually a double feature, The Nesmins & Elephant Gun. Some Q&A below with The Nesmins along with some links

Elephant Gun pictured in podcast

The Nesmins
zack hjelmsted-guitar
paul chivari-bass
mark gianforte-druns

Who was the first band/artist that made you want to become a musician and why?
-weird al because i want to make fun of people and not have to write my own songs.

How long have you been playing?
the nesmins have been playing together for almost a year. zack has been playing guitar for 12 years. mark was born with a guitar in his hands. paul has been playing for 18 years.

Describe your sound?

How did the band meet?
mark and zack have played in previous bands together. they wanted to do a project together. they didn't know any other bass players other than paul. and that's how we started. we all have met through mutual friends and a love for music and partyin'.

What's the story behind the name nesmins?
google search it and maybe you'll find the true meaning.

Your favorite song that you/the band have written?
fughetabootit, period blood, john fausett

What was your worst show ever?
luckily it was at a farm house party with all of our friends there.

What kind of stuff are you listening to right now?
mitch hedberg, yura yura teikoku, tune-yards, also been on a serious minutemen kick lately

Download this episode here

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