Jukebox Gravy

 I was lost in the sauce the other night and put together some tunes that go great with whatever kind of alcohol you might be drinking. Drop a buck in the jukebox and order another round!!

"Blood Red Blood" - The Ettes
"Vacant Thoughts" - The Thieves
"Nerve Jamming" - Bass Drum of Death
"Corona" - Minutemen
"Waving My Dick in the Wind" - Ween
"Dance Machine" - Witches Hat
"You Don't Know" - The Heavy
"Six Inline" - The Company Band
"Apocryphon" - The Sword
"Sittin' Pretty" - The Datsuns
"Wasted" - The Runaways
"Roadrunner" - The Modern Lovers
"Are You Ready?" - Pacific Gas & Electric
"Why Did You Do It" - Stretch
"Baby It's You" - Smith
"Put 'em Down"(Muro di Gomma Mix) - Trio Valore
"Boys on the Docks" - Dropkick Murphys
"Suffragate City" - Seu Jorge

 **Download this episode here**

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