2 Assholes Talking Music #31

This may be our last show for awhile since one of the Assholes has a brand new baby on the way so we wanted to jam this episode full of goodies. As always we have some great headlines from the world of music like Mos Def being denied re-entry into the country, Sum 41 lead singer Derek Wibley's battle with alcohol addiction, and the Michael Jackson hologram going out on tour. After some music news we dive headfirst into another round of "Guess That Video" where Jim has to match the YouTube comment to the correct video. As per usual the comments are nothing short of awful and ignorant. For the music portion of the show tonight I decided to keep things simple and feature some great straight forward rock/stoner metal from some of my favorite bands. You know the drill by now, grab yourself a cold beer and crank the volume for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!

"Blackened Sunrise" - Viking Skull
"Prehistoric Dog" - Red Fang
"Cypress Grove" - Clutch
"10001110101" - Clutch
"How Heavy This Axe" - The Sword
"Sittin' Pretty" - The Datsuns
"Iron Tusk" - Mastadon
"Dragonaut" - Sleep

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