Space Gravy

I couldn't think of a title for this one but after listening to it again it had kind of a spacey, tripped out kind of sound. I sprinkled in some Timothy Leary samples and a random assortment of tunes. Sounds range from garage rock to psychedelic rock to hip hop to Ween. Medicate your mind and take a trip through the wormhole

"The Love Between" - White Fence
"Today's Supernatural" - Animal Collective
"Wax" - Theme Park
"Pleasure Blimps" - Thee Oh Sees
"Zoned" - Moon Duo
"If This is Real" - s/s/s
"Polite Dance Song" - The Bird & The Bee
"Never Lost Control/Deathstar" - Moonhearts
"Look.....the Sun is Rising" - The Flaming Lips
"Sun Blows Up Today" - The Flaming Lips
"Marso Sava" - The Cast of Cheers
"The Fucked Jam" - Ween
"Maria"(Air Lab Beloved Remix) - The Dining Rooms
"Bitter Hypnotic" - Ancient Astronauts ft. Phat Old Mamas
"American Daydream" - Electric Guest
"The Return" - Deltron 3030
"Touch Me I'm Going to Scream" - My Morning Jacket

*Download this episode HERE*

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