Late Night Gravy Vol.5: 'Table Scraps'

I decided to subtitle this one 'Table Scraps' because it's all the leftover songs I didn't use in the last 3-4 'Late Night Gravy' episodes.

"Bilboquet" - Bob Bault Org.
"Broasted or Fried" - King Hector & The Soul Dynamite
"The Stroll Pt.1" - Binky Griptite & The Melomatics
"The Message" - Tinga Stewart
"Greenery" - Quasimoto
"Dura" - Ratatat
"True Champion"(instrumental) - Madlib
"Eternal Broadcaster" - Madlib
"Return of the Loop Digga" - Quasimoto
"Crooked" - Evil9 ft. Aesop Rock
"Fixed Income" - DJ Shadow
"Ha Ha" - Serengeti

**Download this episode here**

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