2 Assholes Talking Music #41

We're back with more music news and cheap beer!! Tonight we cover the Justin Bieber Roast or whatever you want to call that abomination, the complaints to the FCC about the Super Bowl halftime show, a list of the American Idol winners records sales from first to worst, fans petitioning to have Kanye removed from the Glastonbury Festival, the new Tool album, and Suge Knight finally getting what he deserves. Of course, when the news is over we fire up another round of Guess That Video featuring some the worst YouTube comments and Jim has to match them up with the correct video. This might actually be some of the most crass comments we've featured yet so don't miss out. After all the talking we close out the show with a great mix of tunes so crack open a cold one and join us for a journey down the rabbit hole!!

"Poorboy Lover Megamix"(shortened version) - RJD2

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