2 Assholes Talking Music #8

For tonights episode we decided to promote some of our own music. We thought we play enough of everyone else's stuff why not share some of our own tunes. Jim has been making music for years and tonight he'll be sharing some music he made under the name Vision Project. Then we move into some of my stuff The Manorisms. A hip hop album I made in my quasi-college days with DJ PhysEd and Riley Ryan.

Vision Project

"After Midnight" - recorded in 2010
"Forever" - recorded in 2009
"Reflecting Back"(Vision Edit) - recorded in 2011
"Portrait For Emily" - recorded in 2009
"Catalysm"(Vision Liquid Mix) - recorded in 2011
"Regenerator" - recorded in 2011


The Manorisms - 'Bottom Dwellers' EP (all tracks recorded in 2003 @ R2 Studios)

"Bottom Dwellers"
"Short Bus"
"Bad Dreams"
"Grade 15"

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