Late Night Gravy

Today's episode will be the last one for a few weeks. Taking a short hiatus while I get ready to move. Same with the blog, but once I get settled in at the new house 'Don't Eat the Gravy' will be back in all it's creamy glory.
Hope you enjoy today's installement, I put it together while highly intoxicated this past weekend at the wee hours of the morn. Recommended for late night consumption.

"3 Minute Rule" - Beastie Boys
"Commencement at the Obidience Academy" - Aesop Rock
"Feel Like a Ghost"/"Alternate Earth" - El-P/Patton Oswalt
"Prison Workout" - CJ da Cynic
"Smoke & Mirrors" - Sage Francis
"Entropy" - DJ Shadow
"Lyric Fathom" - Blackalicious
"No $, No Toke" - Jaylib
"Here's Whats Left"(remix) - RJD2
"Golden Brown" - The Stranglers
"Fugitive Motel"(remix) - Elbow/RJD2

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