2 Assholes Talking Music #30

Celebrating 30 episodes tonight with some more random music headlines and more cheap beer!! Topics include Billy Corgan teaming up with Tommy Lee and his furniture wrestling commercial, Apple buys out Dre Beats for billions, and a great website that pairs cocktails with your favorite band. After the news we switch gears with a new game, Lollapalooza Bands: Fake or Real? There's so many bands at that festival it's hard to keep track of them all so I rapid fire Jim a couple of band names and he has to guess fake or real. For the music portion of the show it's get a little electronic. So grab a cold beer and celebrate 30 epsidoses!!

"Karova" - Com Truise
"Brokendate" - Com Truise
"Familiar Sound" - PhysEdison
"Carry On" - Woolfy v/s Projections
"Little Pink Riding Hood" - Tobacco
"Dirt" - Tobacco ft. Aesop Rock
"Meanstreak"(in 3 parts) - El-P

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