2 Assholes Talking Music #25

Another great episode of "2 Assholes Talking Music" for you tonight!! We got a couple of good stories out of the news like Trent Reznor Skyping with a fan live on stage, "selfie" being chosen as the new word of the year, and Aaron Carter's finicial woes. After that we dive into some tunes featuring a special treat tonight. Our very own Asshole Jim had a few of his tracks picked up by a label and put on a compilation and he was nice enough to throw a few of the tracks off the disc together for a great mix. Make sure you go out and get yourself a copy and show some love for all the underground artists out there. As always, the beers are cold and the tunes loud so join us for another episode of "2 Assholes Talking Music"..........

"Dreamscape" - Nicolas Jakobsen
"Moshum" - Chas10
"Mass Erectile Dysfunktion" - El Rakkas
"Aural Stereopsis" - The Vision Project
"Breathe" - Ecklipze
"Let the Spot Get Blown" - Cytomorph
"Sundays w/ Chrome" (J Courage Remix) - Chas10 ft. Merijn
"Portrait for Emily" - The Vision Project
"Lose Your Faith" - Reixtra
"I Need to Know" - Radian
"Rain Delay" - The Vision Project
"Aquadrop" - Waves ft. Vanelitne
"Better Days" - MuDa
"Aquadrop" - Blue ft. Vanelitne, Nahadi, Giorgio Campera, Michele Fagnani, Fabio Sanna
"After Midnight" - The Vision Project

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