2 Assholes Talking Music #15

For tonights episode we're joined by good friend and producer Chris Wadsworth. We sit down and talk a little shop on electronic music and promote the upcoming release of the Strength In Numbers compilation featuring members of the Chicago Producers Cooperative. All the artists you hear tonight are featured on the new album and are part of the Co-Op. You can find links below the playlist for the Co-Op as well as a link to pre-order. So pour yourself a drink and turn that shit up to 11.

"White People" - Expire Empty
"Walk in the Rain" - Drew Id
"A.56" - Serf City
"Happiness On Demand" - Auto Axon
"Tides" (Auto Axon Metalstep Remix) - Genus
"Lost Within" - Jay Oskulata
"Fifteen Years" (Lthrboots Mix) - SutureSelf

**Download this episode HERE**

Chicago Producers Cooperative SoundCloud
Chicago Producers Co-Op Facebook
Auto Axon
Drew Id
Jay Oskulata
Co-Op Twitter
Pre-Order @ Junno

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