2 Assholes Talking Music #39

Kind of a slow week for music news but it doesn't matter cause we put our heads down and crank out another show. To kick off the show we start with the controversy involving English crooner Sam Smith and whether or not he stole the melody to Tom Petty's song, "I Won't Back Down" and from there we talk about the in fighting between members of Blink 182, Taylor Swift copyrighting popular phrases from her new album, Dropkick Murhpy's v/s Governor Scott Walker, Geezer Butler's barfight, and to close out the news a breaking story on the overdose of Whitney Houston's daughter. After all the talking we bust out a new game, Guess The Bonaroo Band!! Normally, we play a game involving YouTube comments but we switched it up tongiht and Jim has to guess whether or not the bands I name off are real bands playing at Bonaroo or fake bands I've made up. For music tonight Jim put together a sexy little latino inspired mix so grab a cold drink and crank up the volume because it's time for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!

"Divided/United"(remix) - Rasmus Faber ft. Apollo v/s Melo
"Ever After"(2010 remix) - Rasmus Faber
"Demanda" - Rasmus Faber ft. Melo 
"Get Over Here"(miami reprise) - Rasmus Faber ft. Melo
"Divided/United"(dub remix) - Rasmus Faber ft. Apollo v/s Melo

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