Secret Stash #3

Another episode of the Secret Stash!! Pulling tracks from the back of the rack and as always the mixing isn't very tight but it's not about that. The Secret Stash is all about digging up some deep cuts and burning out the B-Side. Tonight we got beats!!!

"Bonus Beat" - Psycho Les
"McNasty Filth" - Jaylib & Frank-N-Dank
"Trigganomics" - Vordul Mega
"I Smoke" - The Pharcyde
"Touchdown" - Modill feat. Thaione Davis
"Return of the Loop Digga" - Quasimoto
"Hater's Anthem" - Jean Grae
"The Spell" - Snowgoons & Eternia
"World Needs" - 9th Wonder
"Sifting Through Records" - Count Bass D & J.Rawls
"Funky Voltron" - Edan feat. Insight
"Africa, Antartica, & Your Mama's House" - DJ Apollo
"I Don't Care" - Vast Aire feat. Cappadonna
"Metaphysical" - Handsome Boy Modeling School
"Goin' Diggin" - Floyd the Locsmif
"The Righteous Way to Go" - Edgar Allen Floe
"Odd's Ain't Fair" - Apollo Brown

**Download this episode HERE**

1 comment:

  1. Phenomenal mix, bro. Love smothering my mind in Gravy on Mondays!!!

    ~Jeffro aka Dirty Deedz