Funky Gravy #2

One of the more popular podcasts I put together was the original Funky Gravy featuring some great deep cuts from the golden age of funk music. So by popular demand I made another mix featuring more of the same with a few well known names thrown in like Stevie Wonder, The Supremes & Issac Hayes. Put on your dancing shoes and open a window cause it's about to get funky up in here!!!

"Bucktown: End Theme" - Johnny Pate
"Harlem By Day" - Galt MacDermont
"Chitlins & Chuchifritus" - Joe Thomas
"Hospital Shootout" - Issac Hayes
"Pru Urebu" - The Rias Orchestra & Helmuth Brindenburg
"Mayor's Get Away" - Rudy Ray Moore
"Nija Walk" - The Fatbeat Band
"Our Future" - Lucky Peterson
"Function at the Junction" - The Supremes & 4 Tops
"Higher Ground" - Stevie Wonder
"You Can't Change a Man" - Christy Igbokwe
"Laying Pipe" - Pornosonic
"Crystals" - Ron Forella
"Save D Musician" - Black Truth Rhythm Band
"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" - Bill Cosby
"Funky North Philadelphia" - Bill Cosby
"Gimme Shelter" - Mercy Clayton
"The Streaker" - Rudy Ray Moore

**Download this episode here**

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