2 Assholes Talking Music #11

It's been few months since the 2 Assholes have gotten together so we decided to cut right to it tonight and crank it to 11!! We're featuring some brutal metal tonight so grab a beer and get ready to have the back of your head blown off. Jim & I discuss the genre of death metal and then get into some other random topics.

"Contractor" - Lamb of God
"Leviathan Awaits" - Revocation
"Conquistadors" - Misery Index
"Slaves Shall Serve" - Behemoth
"The Demons Name is Surveillance" - Meshugah
"Awaiting Imminent Destruction" - Brain Drill
"Wrath of Vishnu" - Origin
"Upon Their Cross" - Malevolent Creation
"Under a Serpent Sun" - At the Gates
"The Eye of Horus" - Decapitated
"No New Beginning" - Blood Red Throne

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