Brutal Gravy

I know, I know. Another metal podcast, but I'm posting two episodes today to make up for it. We'll keep it brutal with #7 here then weird out on the next one.

"Another Body Murdered" - Faith No More & Boo-Ya Tribe
"Defeatist" - Hatebreed
"Mental Shock" - Municipal Waste
"Wolves of Chernobyl" - Municipal Waste
"Dork For 30 Years" - Brian Posehn
"Lords" - The Sword
"Eyes & Teeth" - High on Fire
"Anti-Cop(live) - Sepultura
"Demons" - Darkest Hour
"Buried in a Nameless Grave" - Malovolent Creation
Titanica Interview
"Try Again, Again" - Titanica

***Click here for download***

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