2 Assholes Talking Music #43

Back with more of the same tonight and just the way you like it! Music news, cheap beer and more Guess That Video. Tonight's we cover Kanye and the Illuminati, Jay-Z's failing TIDAL, AC/DC's Phil Rudd and his murder for hire plot, Pat Robertson's advice to kids who like evil music, & new albums releases. After the news it's another round of Guess That Video w/ YouTube's finest. Before we get into the music we make a big announcement about our upcoming live show at Chicago's Craft Beer week. We close it out with lots of brutal metal featuring some new music from friends of the show, Nevalra. Give the volume a crank and grab a drank it's time for 2 Assholes Talking Music!!

Music Intro
"The Will to Potency" - Krisiun
"Fed to the Wolves" - Misery Index
"Terror Throne" - Nevalra
"Indoctrinate" - Immolation
"Descend-Die" - Nevalra
"Abandon All Hope" - Dying Fetus

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