Late Night Gravy #13

Kicking off the New Year with some solid sounds tonight! I want to apoligize ahead of time, I put this together while I was snowed in on New Years Eve so there was lots of beers involved and it might not be the tightest mix in the world. Doesn't matter though cause it's all about rockin' the Gravy!! Threw in a little bit of everything in this episode, some electronic, some hip hop, some old school funk, and lots of Gravy to top it off. As always "Late Night Gravy" pairs well with booze and any other party favors you prefer.

Gravy Intro
"One For J.J." - Sound Directions
"Posed to Be" - Breakestra ft. Chali 2na, DJ Dusk, & Mixmaster Wolf
"Getting There" - Flying Lotus ft. Niki Randa
"The Kill" - Flying Lotus ft. Niki Randa
"Harlem Clavinette" - J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra
"The Bird" - Jimmy McGriff
"Geek Down/Murda Goons" - Dilla, Ghostface Killah, & MF Doom
"Too Deep" - J Courage
"Spinning" - Zion I
"Underwear Goes Inside the Pants" - Lazyboy ft. Greg Giraldo
"Notturna" - Visione
"Gazebo" - Tony Trimm
"Body Rock" - Baron Zen
"Guiding Resolution" - Poets of Rhythm
"Boogie Philosophy" - DePhazz
"Blow Your Head" - J.B.'s Allstars and Fred Wesley
"Ox 9000" - Vast Aire
"Why'sdaskyblue?" - Vast Aire

  **Download this episode HERE**

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