2 Assholes Talking Music #22

We have another great episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music for you tonight!! We decided to stick with what works and that means ripping apart more headlines from the music world. There were lots of great stories to choose from this week but we eventually narrowed it down to 4. We touch on the Deadmau5/Bieber Twitter fued, the Rob Zombie story about his beef with the local skatepark that was all over the internet, Amanda Bynes is officially crazy, and Lady Gaga's latest "art" performance. As always there's plenty of great tunes for you starting off with a smooth, mellow mix put together by Jim and a little something something from myself. You know the routine by now, grab a beer or whatever floats your ice cubes and turn up the volume because it's time for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!

"Falling Man" - Espresso del Lago
"Sintra" - Camiel
"Careless" - Deadmau5
"Make a Baby"(Raga Remix-Vocal) - Vikter Duplaix
"If This is Love" - Foreign Exchange
"Gonna Be a Beautiful Night" - Phonte ft. Carlitta Durand
"Prelusion" - St. Germain
"14H54" - Danger
"Blah Blah" - Motion Man ft. DJ Qbert

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