2 Assholes Talking Music #13: The '90s

Jim and I got together this past weekend with a whole different set of music lined up for you guys but in the midst of many beers and reminiscing about some of our favorite bands we some how wound up on the topic of the '90s. Now, this isn't intended to be a complete history of music from that decade. If we did that it would take who knows how many episodes and it would just get boring after awhile. Both of us picked out a couple of bands that influenced our musical tastes or habits and kind of defined that decade for us. So grab some beers and take a trip down memory lane with the 2 Assholes Talking.....'90s!!

"Rotten Apple" - Alice in Chains
"Schism" - Tool
"Ring Finger" - NIN
"In n Out of Grace" - Mudhoney
"Rolling" - Soul Coughing
"Random" - 311
"Toys Go Winding Down" - Primus
"This Love" - Pantera
"Territory" - Sepultura
"Bomb Track" - Rage Against the Machine
"Molly's Lips" - Nirvana
"Lake of Fire" - Meat Puppets


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