Secret Stash #4

Great set of tracks for you tonight unfortunately I was shitfaced when I put this all togeter so the mix is a little rough, so nothing new really. Shout out to some local tunes tonight w/ Drew Id and his track "Ozone". You'll be hearing some more of him on here in the future. As for the rest of it, mostly hip hop with The Budos Band and Electric Guest thrown in to switch it up a bit. Time to dip into the Secret Stash...

"The Ultimate" - Kev Brown & LMNO
"Boom Music" - Quasimoto
"Budos Rising" - The Budos Band
"This Head I Hold" - Electric Guest
"Walk This Land" - Ez Rollers
 "Ozone" - Drew Id
"Test Press" - Kool Keith
"Better Than Beer" - MF Doom
"10,000 Watts" - J Dilla
"Let Jah Be Praised" - Ayatollah
"The Supplier" - Oddisee
"Corination" - DJ Crucial, Juice, & Serengeti
"The League of Extraordinary Nobodies" - El-P

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