Local Gravy #3

The 3rd installment of Local Gravy featuring local musicians, well, local to me at least and for todays episode I'm proud to present singer/songwriter, beer connoisseur and all around kick ass guy Karl Neurauter! He hails from the Chicago land area and if you frequent the bar scene chances are you've seen him on stage or bellied up at the bar. We're featuring a few tracks off his debut album 'Two Ships' and he was even nice enough to sit down for a little Q&A. You can pick up his album on iTunes, just follow the link at the bottom of the page.
Two Ships
Liquor Shelf
Welcome Home feat. Andi Kauth

1)Who was the first band(s) that made you want to become a musician and why?

 Karl: I'd probably have to say The Ramones when I was in Junior High. There was a scene in one of the National Lampoons movies where Audrey's arguing with her brother in the back seat, and to tune him out - she puts on her big ear muff headphones and its the tune "Blitzkrieg Bop." I thought it was really cool how she could just isolate herself in that song and suddenly everything was alright.

 2)How long have you been playing music for?

 Karl: I got my first bass when I was in sixth grade. I instantly started a band (without learning how to play the damn thing first) with my buddy, Jared Teschner, on guitar. We were called The Victims. It was just us in a two piece (guitar and bass) punk band. We had two songs. There is no talk of a reunion.

 3)Describe your sound

 Karl: It really depends on my mood. I like to think my sound is a cumulative potpourri of everything that's inspired me over the years. For the sake of a quick answer - blues/rock/old western

 4)What was the favorite part of recording your new album?

 Karl: The end of "Roanoke" had a group vocal part that was especially fun. For one of the takes, we all had a few drinks in us and for some reason, we all just burst out laughing. My producer signaled with his hand to keep singing, so we did. I ended up tagging that take at the end of the track.

 5)Your favorite song that you've written?

 Karl: I think my favorite tune is this new one I've been working on. It's called "Wretched." It's about the devil picking up a girl in a bar. I think everyone can sympathize with the idea of an ex leaving us for someone new, or just for singlehood. Seemed like an appropriate analogy. Ask me the same question in a week and my answer will probably be different, though.

6)What was your worst show ever?

 Karl: Steger, Il. This place called Another Hole In The Wall. I was one of nine bands performing, and I was also one of two non nu-metal bands. Needless to say, my bluesy rock tunes didn't swoon all of the 14 yr olds, their Limp Bizkit tshirts, or their parents. However I did meet my good friend, Jenny Franck Ward, who was in the same boat as me. Her and I are playing together again on Oct 18th at Haymarket Brewery in Chicago.

 7)What kind of stuff are you listening to right now?

 Karl:Lately I've been blasting a lot of Pavement, Andrew Bird, and Murder By Death.

 8)Any interest from labels or are you trying to keep things indie?

 Karl: I honestly haven't given a label much thought lately. I'm not opposed to the idea. I'm still just trying to make a good record.

 9)Do you have a 9 to 5 or is music your fulltime career?

 Karl: I teach guitar full time at a Guitar Center. Kind of a dumb move since I can't make it out of the place without funneling my paycheck right back into the register. It's the coolest job I've ever had. I learn a lot from seeing how so many different people approach playing music.

 10)I know you do a lot of bar gigs and shows like that, any good

 Karl: I had a couple email me asking if I could come to their apartment and play for the husbands 40th birthday party. It was a remodeled 3 flat in Lincoln park that was made into one, huge, open house. They hired a catering company to make food for everyone in their kitchen, had two bartender, and even naked chicks walking around with body paint. Little did I know this was also a swingers party. The average age of the guests was also about 50.

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