Blaxploitation Gravy

For this episode I decided to feature some of the great sounds of the old blaxploitation movies of the 1970s. Hittin' all the classics from Blacula to Black Gunn, if it's get any funkier you might have to open a window.

"Movin" - Gene Page
"Harlem Clavinette" - JJ Johnson & his orchestra
"Blacula"(The Stalkwalk) - Gene Page
"Brawling Broads" - Roy Ayers
"Hospital Shootout" - Issac Hayes
"3 the Hard Way" - The Impressions
"Bare Knuckle: Main Theme" - Vic Ceasar
"Funky Mule" - Ike Turner & The Kings of Rhythm
"Truck Turner" - Issac Hayes
"Soul Junction" - The Backyard Heavies
"Across 110th St."(Pt.2) - Bobby Womack & Peace
"Mayors Get-away" - Rudy Ray Moore
"Petey Wheatstraw" - Rudy Ray Moore
"Black Gunn" - Tony Osborne

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