Halloween Gravy #3

For this weeks show we cut out all the drunken banter and what not and decided to make a Halloween mix. We're not talking like spooky ghost sounds or anything like that. Oh no, we took it a different direction. Tonight's episode has no name. This is an audio journey through the mind of a killer. A soundtrack to psychosis. It's a 5 part story that begins with the birth of a madman and ends with nothing but the hollow shell of a human being. Turn up the volume and turn off the lights. Boy and girls, dying time is here!! 

The Becoming 
"Devil May Cry" - Noisia
"Kiss the Girls" - Jak Progresso
"Beelzedub" - Orbital
The Awakening 
"Teddy" - Mr. Dibbs
"Exo-Planet"lack Sun Empire
The Hunt 
"The Hunt" - Sepultura
The Kill
"Lynched with Entrails" - Flesh Consumed
"Obliteration Untold" - Brain Drill
No Remorse 
"The Wretched"(loop edit) - Nine Inch Nails
"Erased, Over, Out" - NIN
"The Mark Has Been Made" - NIN

*Download this episode HERE*

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