Secret Stash #5

Little bit of the boom bap for ya tonight with the latest installement of the Secret Stash. I try and dedicate the Stash to underground hip hop and keep the heads ringing with plenty of dope beats. There's something for everyone tonight, some old stuff some new stuff and some Gravy to fill in the cracks. Grab a drink and bump this shit like they do in the future!!

"He's the Drummer, I'm the Scratcher" - DJ Babu, DJ J-Rocc, DJ Rhetmatic, & Fanatik
"Color" - Elzhi
"The Dig" - People Under the Stairs
"Surprise Cipher #2" - Lightheaded
"Jerk Chicken" - Action Bronson ft. Maffew Ragazino
"School's In" - J-Live
"The Joust" - Mix Master Mike
"City of Industry" - Jehst
"The Return" - Mudkids
"The Good Fight" - Phonte
"Madness" - Deltron 3030
"The Clown"/"Raw Addict Pt. 2" - Quasimoto
"Intro" - Task Force
"Love/Hate" - Madlib
"DJ Abilities" - Eyedea & Abilities
"Powdered Water Pt.2" - Eyedea & Abilities
"Logic" - Serengeti ft. Hi-Fidel
"Yee-Haw" - MF Doom & Molemen

**Download this episode HERE**

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