2 Assholes Talking Music #28

Join us for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!! More of the same, just a couple of assholes sitting around drinking beer and making fun of the headlines from the music world. Tonight Jim & I discuss Conan being tapped to host the MTV Music Awards, Miley Cyrus and Katey Perry's Twitter beef, and Slipknot's new album. After that we dive into another round of the YouTube comment game, we've officially dubbed it(for now) "Guess That Video". As far as the music goes, it's been awhile since we've raged some hardcore metal so if you like it fast and loud you're in store for a treat!! Also, for outtakes from the episode check out the Twitter page at @DETGravy.
Grab yourself a cocktail and turn up the knobs it's time for 2 Assholes Talking Music!!

"Kingdom of Tyrants" - Cattle Decapitation
"Rapid Element Disolve" - Archspire
"Conceived in Enslavement" - Dying Fetus
"Conquest of Gilese" - Abiotic
"Genetic Origin of Sin" - Dysphoria
"Heartwork" - Fleshgod Apocalypse
"Buried in a Nameless Grave" - Malevolent Creation
"Conquistadores" - Misery Index
"Embarrasment Legacy" - The Red Chord

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