Death Gravy

If the title didn't give it away the playlist should be a clue. Brutal fucking metal!! The genres jump around a little bit mostly because I'm drunk but the song remains the same. Tonight instead of melting your face off we're just gonna pull it off and suck out the marrow!

"Cerebral Hybridization" - Fallujah
"Misery Cloud" - I Declare War
"Vril" - Nevalra
"Intro/Dead" - Putrid Pile
"Execution of Reason" - Skinless
"Homage For Satan" - Deicide
"Manical Miscreation" - Cerebral Bore
"Unidentified Corpse" - Septycal Gorge
"Enshrouded In Misconception" - Despise
"If I Was .....I'd Burn It All" - Kataklysm
"Vermosapiean" - Abiotic
"Rain Eater" - Rivers of Nihil
"Devoured Flesh" - Human Mincer
"The Will to Overcome" - Battle Cross
"Black Steaming Cancerous Entrails" - Putrified
"Scarification" - Lust of Decay
"Slaves Shall Serve" - Behemoth
"Sanctus Perversum" - Belphegor

*Download this episode HERE*

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