Gore Gravy

 Do you like death metal? Then this podcast is right up your alley with plenty of heavy shit from start to finish. I tried to feature some newer music tonight, most of the tunes are from the past year or so. I peppered in some Gravy magic throughout the mix so sit back and enjoy some loud and brutal tunes tonight!!

"Judgement of the Bleeding Crown" - Goatwhore
"Revisionist Past" - Dying Fetus
"Bloodsmear" - Woe of Tyrants
"Conceived in Sewage" - Devourment
"Chained to Decay" - Lightning Swords of Death
"Baltimore Strangler" - Pig Destroyer
"Dead Set on Suicide" - Cattle Decapitation
"Deus Avertat" - Spawn of Possession
"The Sand Reckoner" - Nightfall
"Disidence" - Dying Fetus
"To Burgeon and Languish" - Abiotic
"Natural Liberation of Fear Through the Ritual Deception of Death" - Nile
"Pedestal" - Beneath the Massacre

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