Gravy Train w/ Biscuit Wheels

Big Ern Intro
"Ozzie Guillen" - Serengeti
"Trimms Alright" - Serengeti & Trimm
"America's Most Blunted" - Madvillian & Quasimoto
"Mash's Revenge" - Doom & Guilty Simpson
"Butterface" - Phys Edison
"Purple Heart" - Phys Edison
"Da Baddest Poet" - Sole
"Morbid Innuendo of the Scratch Kind" - D Styles, Snake Eyes, Prone
"Primitive Plus" - Edan
"Who's Crying?" - Sage Francis
"Rewrite" - Sage Francis
"Damage" - Non-Prophets
"Loose Ends Bonus Track" - RJD2

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