Boom Bap Gravy

Just to warn everybody, the pipes are a little rusty. I sound awful but I pushed thru, don't wanna blame the mic but it doesn't help. I promise to sound better in upcoming episodes once I get my groove back. Maybe a weekend in the tropics with Taye Diggs would help? I felt like I was sitting in my room voicetracking but I could swear and play better music. Enjoy some Boom Bap Gravy!

"Mastermind" - Deltron
"Centaur" - Buck 65
"The Game" - Sebutones & Molemen
"Run the Numbers" - El-p & Aesop Rock
"Windows of the World" - RA the Rugged Man, Ayatolah, & Dynasty the Emperor
"Trimm v/s Kenny" - Serengeti w/ Tony Trimm
"Eye of the Tiger" - Sage Francis

(*** = talk break)


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