2 Assholes Talking Music #20

Tonight we're celebrating our 20th episode and by celebrating I mean sitting around and drinking beer while making fun of some headlines pulled from the music world. Tonight we discuss the state of American Idol, line-up changes for NIN, Paris Jackson's suicide attempt, and Chester Bennington taking over vocal duties for Stone Temple Pilots. After that we move on to some music and for tonight's episode we kept it pretty chill. Jim put together a great mix to start it off and I wrap things up with some choice cuts from my collection. This will probably be the last episode for a few months while the Assholes take a brief hiatus, I'm getting ready to have my first kid so we figured I better concentrate on that for the time being. Sit back, crack a beer and enjoy another great episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!!

"Mirrorball"(DJ Jazzy Jeff Full Sole Remix) - Everything But the Girl
"Rollercoaster"(King Britt Scuba Ambient Mix) - Everything But the Girl
"Cinemajik" - Kudu
"Relax" - Kudu
"Temptation" - Kudu
"Cut Dick" - Mr. Oizo
"Cosmic Rap"(Egyptian Lover Remix) - James Pants
"The Great Gambler" - Dan the Automator
"Uno Esta" - Yesterday's New Quintet

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