Jesus Wields a Hatchet

We've all had our share of bad nights but this dude tops them all! Attacking your neighbors with a hatchet, getting black-out drunk, taking on 5 cops all while claiming to be Jesus Christ. Or Jesus for our Spanish speaking friends.
Jefferey Runco of Pittsburgh relapsed on alcohol Monday night and took it out on anybody he could find. Runco smashed a hatchet thru his neighbors window and screamed he would kill them, then threatened another neighbor. Finally the police showed up and had a standoff with Runco, he needed to finish his vodka before he would give up. On-lookers said that Runco was screaming that he was Jesus and told the police to bring helicopters to remove his roof. Standard stuff really. He was taken down once cops gained access to his house.
WTAE has the story

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