Kittens Have to Pay Cover Too

We've all been there before man. You're all loaded up with booze an a pocket full of singles and all you want to do is just go the strip club with your kitten and stare at some boobs. Wait...what? Who brings their kitten to a strip club? What's the thought process behind that decision. 'Maybe if I bring Mr. Kitty the Beaver Trap all the girls will think it's cute and surround me.' Something like that.

Down in Murdock, FL a the local gentleman's club, Emerald City, bouncers had to turn away Everett Lages when he told them he was bringing his kitten inside the club. They told him multiple times the cat was not allowed and removed him from the club. When Lages was forced out he thought the next best thing to do would be to call the cops multiple times to voice his complaint. He figured the cops would understand his plight. Turns out the cops weren't amused either. When police arrived they noticed Lages was extremely intoxicated and would not comply with the club owner or the staff. Even after the police told him the cat couldn't go in he continued to argue with everyone. They figured the best thing was to just call a cab and get the him home. However, when the taxi arrived Lages became violent towards the driver and continued to call 911, with the cops standing next to him. Not amused the officers arrested Lages and charged him with Misuse of the 911 System, Disorderly Intoxication, Trespassing after Warning and Resisting Arrest without Violence. He is being held on $4,000 bond. The cat was turned over to animal services.
Now he doesn't have any pussy to play with.
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