MDMA Legal in Canada?

Health officials up in the great white north are saying that if regulated properly MDMA could be legalized and made safe for adult consumption. Dr. Perry Kendall recently spoke out about the drug in a recent interview.

“I was asked a hypothetical question, which was that if those drugs were to be legalized, what would be the best way of doing it. Let’s look at what works and what doesn’t work. Let’s look at what harms of various drugs are and compare them. And let’s look at the impacts of the policies on a drug use."

Kendall reminds people that he's not advocating rampant use of the drug but that Canada needs to take an evidence based approach of regulating MDMA and if done correctly could be used for good. The Dr. said that taking MDMA, "a pharmaceutically pure product known as ecstasy in its street form", in the correct way and in non lethal doses may help treat conditions like post traumatic stress disorder. He draws comparisons to alcohol abuse,
“We allow people to get intoxicated with alcohol. A bottle of vodka can kill you very easily, if you swallow the whole bottle. It’s addictive. What is fundamentally the difference between that and a psychoactive substance that makes people feel good and gives them some energy, which as far as we know isn’t addictive, doesn’t cause cancer, doesn’t destroy the brain?”

The Canadian Health Ministry has spoken out against Dr. Kendall and his claims saying that they in no way agree with his theories would prefer that the govt. not get involved in legalizing street drugs. However, the medical community across the board agrees that "the drug is not addictive and new research suggests some of the drug’s long-stated ill effects are exaggerated."
I'm sure the party scene up in Canada is waiting with baited breath for good news to come down.
The Star has the full story

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