Bug Man Shuts Down Court

Detroit is known for plenty of things, most of them bad, but being the cleanest city in the world has never really been their thing. If you've ever visited the city you know that there's plenty of things to avoid and now you can add bed bugs to that list. Lots and lots of bed bugs.
The 36th District Court in downtown Detroit had to be shut down and evacuated after a witnesses entered the courtroom covered in bugs, literally crawling on his skin and out of his clothes. The bug man was so nasty the judge told everyone to leave the room and even gave her staff the day off so the courtroom could be hosed down and disinfected. Who's the guilty party you ask? A man called in as a witness showed up to the court house so dirty and filthy that a bailiff told a local news crew that he could see the bugs were jumping off the witness as he stood before the judge. The mans daughter told the news crew that her father had a bit of a bed bug problem at home and he hadn't done anything yet to remedy the situation. Court staff were unable to tell if the bugs were in fact bed bugs or something else like fleas or cockroaches. Just as a precaution they called in an exterminator to rid the courtroom of any lingering pests. No word yet on when the courtroom would re-open. I'd love to know what the case was all about and why he was called as a witness, the article makes no mention of it.
CBS Detroit has the story

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