Robbed By Stripper

Down in Texas when you visit the strip clubs not only will the girls give you a lap dance at the club but they'll follow you home and rob you at gun point. I always thought you had to pay extra for something like that.
Like most strip clubs if you hang around long enough you'll eventually be asked if you'd like a private dance or a lap dance, whatever you want to call it. Turns out this tiny dancer doesn't take no for an answer. According to police reports the male victim decided to make a stop at the local titty bar in Houston and have a little fun. After spending some time and money in the club the man was approached and asked if he wanted a private dance in the back room. The man declined and both he and the stripper went on their way. When the man decided he'd seen enough stretch marks and C-Section scars he called it a night. On his way out the man was asked again by an unidentified male if he'd like to go home with one of the girls. Again he declined.

The victim drove to his home in the southwest part of Houston and noticed he was being followed. When he pulled into his driveway he was boxed in by a car with no headlights on. The same stripper who offered him her services got out of the second car and demanded his wallet. The male victim told the dancer he didn't have it with him and that's when she tried to search his pockets and break into his car. The victim told the female that she was being watched by a video surveillance camera and she got back in her car and took off. The man also noticed a passenger in the get-away car, the same man who propositioned him at the club.
Police contacted the strip club who gave them a copy of the woman's drivers license. That plus the surveillance footage led to a positive ID of 23yr. old Kelly Hutchins. The dancer/mugger was booked on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. After looking at the mugshot I know why they never turns the lights on inside of a strip club. I would of turned down the lap dance too. Yikes!!
Chron.com has the full story

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