Worst. News. Ever.

I had no idea that this movie was even up for a remake but it turns out the cult classic Toxic Avenger is getting the do over treatment by big Hollywood. The first time around Toxic Avenger was a low budget, campy flick directed by the king of Tromaville, Lloyd Kaufman. Depending on your taste in movies, Kaufman is responsible for some of the worst/best movies ever made. Toxic Avenger is by far his most famous flick and then you have classics like "Class of Nuke 'Em High", "Terror Firmer", and who could forget everyones favorite crime fighting cop "Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD". Rumors are flying over at Bloody Disgusting and the word on the street is that Toxie is getting a makeover courtesy of Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink. It's stated that production companies have contacted Steve Pink along with original directors Kaufman and Michael Herz to make a more family friendly version of the 1984 classic. WHAT THE FUCK?!? A family friendly version of Toxic Avenger? That's impossible!! The whole point of the movie is the over the top gross outs, crude language, and of course lots of boobs. Not to mention the terrible acting but that's what makes Troma movies so great. Now they want to PG up the whole franchise?! I don't believe it. They want to turn to Toxie into something along the lines of Jim Carey from The Mask which just sounds terrible in every way possible.
Now here's where things go way South. Posters on the message board have said that John Travolta, yes, that John Travolta, is rumored to be in line as the next Toxie. Other posters have said that he would be casted as the lead villian. Either way, Travolta and Troma should never appear in the same sentence. NEVER!!!
Only time will tell if the rumors are true and if this is in fact true, I won't be able to watch as one of my favorite film franchises gets shit all over by the boy in the bubble. John Travolta?!?! Really!?!?
Slash Film has the story

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