Alcohol Enema's Are the New Craze

Call me old fashioned but back in my days on the college campus we never had to resort to sticking a tube up our asses to get drunk quicker. Not only is it one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of but we also had a little something I like to call drugs. Not getting drunk fast enough? Drugs!! I mean shit, at least power jug some Jaeger before you resort to giving your friend a vodka enema or maybe cut out a couple fat rails and get geeked. Do you guys not know a coke dealer?
At the University of Tennessee the Phi Kappa Alpha frat house is facing suspension after they dropped off one of their own at the emergency room claiming the young man had alcohol poisoning from an alcohol enema some of his frat bro's had given him. Ahhh fraternity brothers, this explains a lot. 20yr. old Alex Broughton was dropped off at the university medical center early this past Saturday morning with a blood alcohol level of 0.4, guessing the enema worked. Broughton was unresponsive and in critical condition, hospital officials said that a level that high can be toxic to the body and sometimes result in death. PARTY!!!
Police were called in to investigate and after interviewing some of the bros they found out that the Pike house at U of T likes to take their alcohol up their ass. Again, what the fuck?! At the time of the report UTPD officials said there was no sign of hazing and now they're trying to determine whether or not Broughton was assaulted or decided to administer the pooper shot all on his own. As of right now though it just looks like bros being bros. This weekend the guys over at the PKA house are going to take turns sticking their dicks in each other to speed up the process of fraternal brotherhood. Oh you wacky frat boys!!
The Tennessean has the full story

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