Chicago Prosecutor Gone Wild

Something tells me this lady won't have any trouble finding a lawyer because she is one. Chicago likes to keep things classy so it's no surprise that an assistant state's attorney for Cook County was booked on charges of biting the clerk at an adult book store on W. Belmont this past Saturday night. As you can tell in the video below prosecutor Sarah Naughton might have had a little too much to drink and is kind of a cry baby. Police reports say that Naughton and a male companion were asked to leave the adult book store for being intoxicated. Police say the man shoved the clerk and Naughton then attacked biting the clerk on the lower leg. She's got jaws too, the bite was severe enough that it required medical attention. According to the guy holding the camera in the video below it sounds like Naughton and her friend were tossed out of a cigar shop next door for being drunk and wandered into the porn shop and were booted from there shortly after. The camera man also says that the male friend got his ass whooped and had already been taken to the hospital. The States Attorney's Office released a statement saying that the 31yr. old Naughton has been placed on administrative leave and has been removed from any current trials she involved with. Looks like county prosecutor Sarah Naughton will get a taste of what her clients get to see all the time. HuffPo has the story

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