Gun Finger Misfires

A 51 yr. old Palmerton, PA woman almost got away with the old fake gun finger in the jacket trick the other night but was taken down by security cameras. Laura Pastor robbed a Dollar General store this past Tuesday night by fooling a clerk with her finger gun. She got away with about $150 and a bottle of aspirin. After reviewing the tape and getting a good look at her face police tracked her down at another local store and took Pastor in for questioning. She admitted to the hold-up after police searched her home and found the clothes she was wearing in the video stuffed in her trash can. Reports also state that Pastor could be heard in the video telling the cashier to hurry up or "someone is going to get hurt." Her and her finger gun meant serious business. She'll be charged with robbery and receiving stolen property and has being held in the county lock-up on $25,000 bail. No word on whether or not the finger gun will be submitted as evidence when the case goes to trial. WFMZ has the story

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