I Was Just Tanning My Balls

I have to give this guy credit for coming up with a creative excuse. There aren't many right answers you can give when you're caught masturbating in a public park but this guy tried his best.
Serial flasher and outdoors enthusiast Tracy McDonald was picked up by Seattle police after they received several calls and complaints that he was playing himself in a downtown park. A female jogger first noticed McDonald, he was sitting shirtless on a park bench with pants around his ankles. When officers arrived he was still on the bench and told police not to worry, he was just sunbathing.
Cops said the only problem with that answer was that he was sitting in a shaded area on a cloudy day. No word on whether or not he used any sun screen. McDonald was booked on three counts of indecent exposure, one for the park bench scene and two priors in the next county over. The 44yr. old male has been charged 5 times before this too, twice for felony exposure and three times for misdemeanor exposure. Either this guy needs to find a new hobby or just find a comfortable spot indoors.
SeattlePI has the full story

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