Is That a Puppy In Your Pants?

Police in Longmont, CO were called to a residence for a domestic dispute when they encountered a magical lady that could poop Chihuahua. Not really, she just stuffed the dog down her pants while fighting with her boyfriend. Johna Turner and her man friend were fighting when police arrived and she agreed to leave the residence but first she wanted to grab her dogs. The cops said no but Turner didn't listen. Instead she tried to sneak off with one of her dogs stuffed down the front of her pants. A witness on the scene alerted cops and they kindly asked her to shake out her legs. That's when a Chihuahua puppy fell down her pant leg. Police reports indicate the dog was OK but smelled a bit funny. Johna Turner was arrested for suspicion of animal cruelty and believe it or not alcohol was a factor in the incident.
9News has the story

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