Karaoke to the Death

Here in America karaoke is seen as something you do for a cheap laugh with your friends when your shitfaced out at the bars. Over in Asia it's considered an art form and is taken very seriously. The scary thing is this isn't the first time a bad night of karaoke ended in bloodshed, police say it's trend that has them a little worried. Last week a Beijing family took karaoke to the next level and added the element of being hacked to death into their performance. Authorities say it all started when Mr. Yun and his family were out celebrating the Chinese Valentine's Day at a local noodle shop. The family decided to indulge in a little karaoke and party the night away. By 11pm things got ugly after everyone had a few drinks. Mr. Yun's 4yr. old son had been hogging the mic all night, singing off key and his two older uncles had enough. The two uncles confronted Mr. Yun about his child, who was being egged on by mom and dad, and demanded that they do something about their spoiled child. Mr. Yun took offense and a shoving match ensued. Lucky for Mr. Yun he had one of his nephews working in the noodle shop that night. The nephew sprang into action when he saw his uncle, Mr. Yun, being thrown around and punched by two other men. He grabbed a meat clever from behind the counter and hacked the ever living shit out of the other two uncles, killing them in the process. The attacker named only as Mr. Hui in the police report has been arrested for the double meat clever murders and is being held until his trial. Police all across Asia say it's karaoke violence is somewhat of an epidemic over the last few years. Just a couple of years ago in Thailand a man shot 8 of his neighbors including his own brother in law after listening to multiple tone deaf renditions of John Denver's "Country Roads". Come on man, John Denver sucks but it's not that bad.
Telegraph UK has the story

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