Nude Guy Makes a Sonic Run

The only thing that can beat a Chili Cheese Frito Wrap from Sonic is eating said Frito Wrap while a belligerent nude guy chews on your arm. Right now at select Florida locations Sonic is running a special just like that but hurry because supplies are limited and being sent to jail.
Police were called to a Sonic Drive-In late Sunday night in Orange County Florida after receiving calls about a "butt ass naked" man sleeping on one of the tables. The caller told police that he tried to wake the man up but the naked man tried to bite him. When officers arrived they told 40yr. old Adam Hunt to put his clothes back on and his response was to attack one of the deputies. Hunt was taken down and charged with resisting arrest and is being held on $500 bond. His brother Mike could not be reached for comment.
Click Orlando has the story

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