Poop Mouth Strikes Again

Man, this bath salts thing is out of control!! I have yet to read a story about someone doing bath salts and just sitting around the house watching TV. Every story pretty much involves the same thing, bath salts and people losing their fucking minds. Police up in Duluth, MN were called out to a residence for a call about a young man acting strange and pulling a knife on his family members. This past Tuesday police arrested 21yr. old Matthew Hammond after he tried to fight a cop car then the officer inside of it. Reports state that when the officer pulled up 21yr. old Hammond came charging out of the house right at the cruiser. The cop floored the car in reverse but that wasn't enough, Hammond chased the car pounding on the side of it and tried to open the passenger side door. Once the officer was able to exit the car he ordered the crazed man to the ground at gunpoint. Hammond told them that he was drinking booze, smoking some weed, and snorted some bath salts taboot. Once cuffed and placed in the squad car Hammond's odd behavior didn't stop there. During the ride to the station he kept shouting a slogan for a hot sauce commercial, "I put that shit on everything!" When he arrived at the police station the arresting officer said he caught a whiff of Hammond's breath and it noticed that Hammond had traces of poop in his mouth. Reports don't go into detail about whether or not it was his own and why exactly he had shit in his mouth in the first place. When questioned Hammond told police he got all fucked up and pulled the knife because people were making fun of him. My guess is that once word gets out that he put shit in his mouth things probably won't get much better.
Gwinnett Daily Post has the full story

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