Razor Ramon Now & Then

The other day I was getting nostalgic and going thru old clips of the WWF back in the '80s and early '90s. Man those were some great times with some great wrestlers. A couple of my personal favorites from back in the day were Koko B.Ware and Rowdy Roddy Piper. After watching clips of old matches I stumbled into the "Where are they now" stories and I have to say that Scott Hall takes the cake when it comes to depressing lives after wrestling. We all got a glimpse into what things were like for Jake the Snake years ago with 'Beyond the Mat' but he's got nothing on Razor Ramon. Dude hit rock bottom pretty hard after his career ended and it was much the same as many wrestlers before him. Drugs and lots of them!! The video below is a quick look at what the life of Scott Hall is like now, it was put together by ESPN for their E60 last year. It's nice to see Scott's son is trying to take over the legacy but it's just plan fucking sad to see the Razor now, once a huge figure in the world of professional wrestling is now just sad man trying to hang on.

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