Sexy Politician Calls It Quits

Now this is a female politician I can get behind!! No pun intended....or was it. The lovely woman pictured above is Spanish councilor Olvido Hormigos Carpio and she recently had to vacate her senate seat over in Spain due to her sex tape leaking out on-line for the whole world to see. The video features Carpio completely naked flicking her bean in her bedroom and I have to say, if she politics twice as good as she masturbates she can have my vote!! Councilor Carpio handed in her resignation last week out of respect for her family and friends and then went on to say the tape being leaked was an attack on her privacy.
The video was posted to YouTube where it made the rounds pretty quickly in her hometown then spread across the globe in just a few days. Don't get your lube ready just yet, YouTube has taken down the video but we all know how the Internet works, it was too late. A simple Google search will turn up copies of the video and plenty of screen grabs featuring the Spaniard and her magic fingers. She's not bad looking for an older lady, how do you say "cougar" in Spanish? Carpio is looking into charges against whoever is responsible for distributing the tape but no leads have turned up at this point. Now, if we could get some of the female politicians over here in the states to start doing things like this I might be more inclined to vote.
This would make a great TV ad campaign. Actually, after looking at the crop of female politicians we have it might be better if we stick to debating instead of masturbating.
TruthDive has the story

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